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Karla (48)

“I met Tania when I took my 5-year-old son to see her because he was having trouble going to the bathroom on time. I just wanted Tania to fix all that for me. In our first conversation, she showed me that I was actually in need of help too, and that my son and I would be much better off if I learned to identify what is stressing me out, as well as resolve some aspects of my history. 
We worked on deep themes concerning my childhood: like abandonment, abuse, poverty, and currently, finding out that my husband is transgender. I cannot help but be grateful for all the professionalism and dedication I have had from Tania. Without that help, I'm not sure I would have had the strength to continue with my life. Our work continues and I am convinced that therapy, even though it is painful at times, is the best investment I have made for my life.”

Celina (46)

"It was spring of 2012. I had just finished a 2-year training. I was exhausted and had a burnout.
At that time, I dreamed of getting married and having children. But the right man was missing. I was increasingly unhappy and saw no meaning in my life.
Therapy was a long journey. The first year was very hard, there was insecurity, despair, sometimes anger, but also an endless amount of joy and love. Now I know who I am, I learned how to deal with my sensitivity and I learned to love myself. My system started to work better, and little by little my old behavior patterns, my blocks, and my inner "wall" were dissipating. I am very grateful that I was able to transform myself and I am very proud to have had this courage. 
Through kinesiology, art therapy and hypnosis I learned to broaden my horizons. I learned to change my way of thinking. I learned to discover new perspectives. I learned to see positive and beautiful things again. I learned to look forward, to try to do things differently, to be brave. It's fun to be able to use so many resources in life. Today I am a fulfilled woman, I became a very happy person even without having children. I have been in love for many years and I live with a wonderful partner by my side, who accepts me as I am. My life has been turned upside down and it is a very good feeling. Life writes wonderful stories. Be courageous - change your life - let yourself be inspired again. I wish you a lot of strength and motivation to do that."

Tina  (21)

"When I was a child, I had a vivid imagination, I loved making up stories and living them out in role-plays. I remember that from an early age, I had difficulty telling the truth. I knew I was lying, and yet I was unable to avoid it. This is how I found myself in a web of lies and realized that I had lost my way. I didn't know exactly what I had told whom, what was the truth, and what I had made up! Absolute chaos and pure stress! 
I tried several times to stop lying and get out of this cycle. But unfortunately my lies had legs of their own and I had to keep lying in order not to expose myself. The fear was too big!  With Tania's help, I was able to discover why I lied and found the strength within me to change this habit. 

I learned to take responsibility for my lies and learned to face the consequences for breaking the trust of my friends. My social circle did not reject me, on the contrary, they welcomed me with great understanding. Now I am trying to lead a lie-free life. Since I stopped lying, I feel much better. I am calmer and more relaxed with my friends and I don't have to memorize so many things in my head. I am allowed to be myself and have learned to make room for my feelings. I am still at the beginning of my self-discovery and I know I have already taken a big step! 

Without Tania I would not be where I am now. Her dedication, her confidence that all will be well, her trust in me and my strength, her support and help with difficult issues, her ability to connect events and see meaning in many things, are incredibly beneficial, helpful, even life-saving. So I would like to add: Thank you so much Tania."


I would like each of my clients to know the deep gratitude I feel for our work together. 
Each in their own way has contributed to enhancing my talents by showing me what I still need to learn and improve. Thanks to our work, my desire to reorient my life has become a reality. Thank you very much!
Special thanks to everyone who has shared their stories on this site.

Olivia (41)

"Tania is a warm, sensitive and inspiring therapist who, with her knowledge of HNC, kinesiology, Back to flow and Bach flower remedies, helped me a lot when traditional medicine had reached its limits.

Thanks to her support, my problems, back pain and headaches have practically disappeared, as well as my feeling of tiredness has been reduced to a level that I would not have thought possible. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tania with her vast knowledge and wealth of experience."

Renata (21)

“Depressive episodes, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred and destructive behavior towards myself as well as my social sphere. At 19, I would rather stay in the comfort zone of my "hole" and not deal with the lack of self-acceptance (much less self-love). Add to that a problem with cocaine addiction, harmful alcohol use, and a completely distorted body image that led to an eating disorder. The idea of facing so many unpleasant things, from my perspective at the time, was even scarier than the condition itself. I was not fundamentally averse to going to therapy. However, I needed a loving push to make it happen. 

In retrospect, it was the right decision, if not an essential one. I took a path that was not always easy, but beautiful and still is. In search of myself and a healthy love affair with myself, I learned a new perspective. I got to know myself in a new way. Better said: I learned how to love myself and how important and beautiful that is. To be honest and authentic with myself, to be aware of my problems and take them seriously, to be kind to myself and heal.... I felt heard and seen when I entered the therapy room and then I learned to feel and perceive myself better. 

Therapy with Tania was like a bridge to rehabilitation, just as long-term therapy gave me back my zest for life. Looking back, I am proud of what I have achieved with the help of our sessions. The unpleasant things that I mentioned at the beginning are no longer a part of my life. I was able to get out of my hole. To heal my wounds in a healthy way and find a way to deal with them. After 2 years of abstinence, I look back at my 19-year-old self with gratitude and fondness. I am happy that I have dealt with myself with such courage.”

Anna (40)

“In 2013 I received a diagnosis of lung cancer. Incurable. The doctors didn't give me much hope for life. I was very confused, after all I had never smoked. I felt that something didn't fit in this diagnosis. After much research and conversations with friends, I discovered that, according to Chinese medicine, "sadness lives in the lungs". From this moment on, everything started to make sense and I realized that the only thing I could do, besides traditional therapy, was to take care of my mental and emotional health. 

Going to therapy with Tania was fundamental for my recovery. With her I learned how to deal with my fears, sadness and also with my insecurities. Since 2015 I no longer have cancer cells in my body and the dosage of medication was reduced to a minimum. Tania has direct responsibility for this achievement and I am very grateful.

Silvana (36)

“When I first attended an art therapy session with Tania Vianna over a decade ago, I was in a seemingly hopeless life crisis. Tania Vianna was able to sensitively rescue me during this time and turn my inner fear into curiosity in a very short time. Instead of despairing over what I had experienced, I began, step by step, to take an honest interest in my past, but above all in the here and now. 

This work on myself still gives me a lot of courage today and has permanently changed my automatic reaction: being too hard on myself. Since then Tania Vianna has repeatedly accompanied me in different phases of my life. Sometimes I went to her with very concrete problems, sometimes simply with a diffuse feeling of being lost or disoriented. To this day I am impressed by her empathy, her competence and her insight. How often it has happened that I have left her office after a therapy session and been surprised to discover that the dog was buried somewhere completely different from what I thought 90 minutes ago. Tania Vianna's own openness and curiosity, which are always palpable in her work, have an almost contagious effect - it is fun to embark with her on intricate explorations of her inner self. 

These ever new insights about oneself are liberating and reassuring at the same time. Over the years, working with Tania Vianna has given me a lot of self-confidence and security, and not least, has deepened and enriched my relationships with other people.

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