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Your relationships can be more authentic, deeper, and happier. Your professional life, too.

Personal and professional choices have not always taken us where we imagined. This creates a lot of frustration.
Lack of time, conflicts, stress, fatigue, loss of libido, diseases, family responsibilities, besides all the daily problems are some of the aspects that compromise physical and mental health, affective relationships, and professional performance.
Burnout, insomnia, depression, bruxism, eating disorders, panic crisis, anxiety, chronic diseases and addictions are some of the consequences of an unhappy life.

Therapy can help to:

identify problems, conflicts and limiting beliefs

define new goals with confidence, curiosity and energy to achieve the desired changes

feeling secure enough to make the decisions necessary to achieve fulfillment in your personal and professional life

achieve more satisfaction in the day to day and in the little things

to have authenticity in your affective relationship and discover new ways to keep the flame of love alive

have more clarity before making big decisions such as getting divorced, relocate, re-orienting yourself professionally

learn to differentiate the body's signals and to respect its limits, becoming more aware of this soul-body-mind relationship

to believe in your own capacity and dreams

to be a more conscious and present mother or father in the lives of your children

to give your career a direction that provides true fulfillment

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