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Conscious mothers and fathers know that help at the right time makes all the difference.

It is very hard to see children suffering, especially when they are our children. In therapy, they can find important support both in developing skills and talents, and in processing stressful or traumatic situations. 
Through therapy, the child becomes more aware, centered, secure and curious. When stress subsides, it rediscovers its innate curiosity and returns to learning, experimenting, and developing his potential. And, of course, therapy contributes to the parents' development as well, positively transforming the family relationship.

Therapy can help your children to:

express and mature their emotions

have more concentration and motivation

achieve better school performance

integrate into a new society, in cases of expatriates or bi-nationals

manage time with games, videos, and media in general

dealing with fear or panic before exams

adapting to a new life after a divorce or separation from parents

managing the loss of a loved one

overcoming traumas such as: bullying, abuse, and unexplained fears

coping with illness and hospitalization

overcoming nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting)

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