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Problems are like closed windows: we need to open them to see new perspectives and solutions.

We all face difficulties throughout life and develop mechanisms to deal with them. Few strategies, however, actually solve our problems. They usually only help us endure a situation without solving it.  
When tension builds up too much, the proper functioning of the mind and body is compromised, and this creates stress. Stressed, we lose the ability to manage the most diverse situations, even the everyday ones. 

The loss of this natural balance can have serious consequences, such as depression, insomnia, panic attacks, eating disorders, and burnout, among other blockages and symptoms.

light through crack

Therapy can help you:

clearly identify problems, find practical solutions to and realize that you have more choices than you know of

learn to deal with life's fatalities, such as an accident, an illness, the loss of a relative or a job, or even the arrival of a pandemic

to take back the reins of your own life. To have more courage, to risk moving forward, to have more security and happiness to live your life with authenticity and fullness

learn to differentiate the signs of your body, to respect your own limits and become more aware of the soul-body-mind relationship

to achieve a better quality of life, to be more peaceful and serene, and to have more energy and vitality

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