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My Life

I was born and raised in Brazil. Later, and for several years, I also lived in France, the United States, and Switzerland, where I have lived since 1996, sharing my life with my husband and our three now adult children. The experience of being a mother, wife, therapist, and immigrant was intense and very interesting.
As a family, we travel whenever possible. We love adventure, discovery, and the exercise in tolerance and flexibility that a tourist needs to have. Travel opens our minds and inspires us, shows us different cultures and our ability to adapt in different contexts, beliefs and realities. 
Photography, pottery, diving, hiking, learning and improving myself in my profession are also part of the activities that fill me with joy and energy.

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A great passion - and the reason I decided to become a therapist - is my fascination with the art of communicating more effectively and authentically. Therapies are sophisticated techniques for learning to communicate deeply with ourselves and with others.

Here, in Switzerland, I did most of my therapeutic training. Being curious by nature, it was natural for me to seek diversification of intervention techniques, always with the goal of complementarity.

Since 2005, I have been practicing this profession with awareness, curiosity, and dedication. Being able to accompany my clients in their development processes, finding comfort, peace, and personal or professional fulfillment motivates and gratifies me daily.

My intention is that our therapeutic work:

inspires our minds and souls to grow thanks to expressing yourself

reserves a space for observation, questioning new and old habits, paths and choices

invites us to take risks and develop more courage

allows us to find the peace of accepting ourselves fully

refines the quality of healthier, more authentic communication

creates genuine space for our dreams to come true

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The most successful clients in their transformation processes were tired of being victims of their fate and their thoughts.
They were open or desperate to change something in their lives.

They committed themselves to learn new things and decided to start their journey of self-knowledge and transformation.

They dreamed of all the things they wanted to be and achieve, and they achieved their goals.


"Knowing Yourself is The Beginning of All Wisdom"



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Basic training "Integrative Mindfulness" (Austria)


"Soul & Parts Therapy" (Switzerland)


Ericksonian hypnosis training and workshop on creativity and metaphors (Switzerland)


Cellular Release Therapy (USA)

2014 - 2019

Various courses on Biodynamic - Craniosacral therapy (Switzerland)

2012 - 2013

Training in Kinesiology (AG-Q exam) (Switzerland)

2011 - 2013

Training in Western Medicine (Switzerland)

2009 - 2010

Training in human neuro cybrainetics - hnc - (Germany)

2009 - 2009

Advanced training LOM: Trauma processing (Switzerland)

2008 - 2009

Western Medicine training (Switzerland)

2008 - 2009

Advanced training LOM: Solution Oriented Painting (Switzerland)

2004 - 2009

Art Therapy training (Switzerland)

2001 - 2005

Ceramic course School of Arts Zurich (Switzerland)

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Trainings and courses

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