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Therapy is a powerful tool that opens doors no matter what you are looking for.

Art Therapy, Kinesiology, HNC, Hypnosis and Back to Flow

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What is your goal?

Together, we will work for your well-being.



Finding new possibilities to solve my problems and conflicts.

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Getting to know yourself, your potentials and your weaknesses is the starting point to achieve the changes you desire. You will become more confident, happier, and healthier to face with clarity and determination the challenges that life brings. Stress will decrease, and vital energy will flow naturally again. 
You are most welcome in my atelier where you can experience different therapeutic techniques, such as Art Therapy, Kinesiology, HNC, Hypnosis, and Back to Flow (learn more about them below). These techniques can be used individually or in combination, always tailored to your needs. Don't worry, we will talk about all this personally. 

I work in Portuguese, German, English, and French.

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Art therapy:
when there are no words, images speak.

(No previous experience with painting is required.)

Non-verbal artistic expressions, such as painting and drawing, favor the development of perception, concentration and creative potential, as well as the exploration and expression of unconscious aspects.

By painting, we allow important elements of our behavior and our experience to reveal themselves to be observed without judgment or interpretation.
When we can see, we can elaborate and deconstruct traumatic situations and integrate them, creating new meaning for them. Observing our way of painting helps us gain new perspectives and more freedom. We become stronger, healthier, and safer. 


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Kinesiology and HNC:
where the physical and emotional meet.

Kinesiology and HNC are gentle, non-invasive therapeutic techniques that complement each other perfectly. 

Kinesiology combines principles of traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, acupressure, chakra balancing, body movements, colors, sounds, and Bach flowers. HNC is based on elements of traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, and cranio sacral and works directly on the nervous system.

Kinesiology and HNC aim to restore homeostasis (balance), promoting self-regulation and regeneration of the individual. To do this, both techniques use "muscle testing," in which a physical, chemical, and mental response is stimulated to determine what needs to be balanced in a personalized and precise manner.


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Therapeutic Hypnosis:
the best solution is inside you.

The word hypnosis comes from Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep. It is a biologically natural state, present in our daily lives, in which the hypnotized individual is highly focused on something, while his or her body is very relaxed.

You know when we drive on "autopilot", without fully realizing how we got to our destination?  Or when we watch a movie and we are so absorbed by the story that we start to feel the same emotions as the protagonist? In these two cases we are in a hypnotic trance.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a brief therapy. It is a method that aims to slightly modify the state of consciousness of a person in order to access his unconscious mind and

enable you to find within yourself the resources you need to solve your problem, achieve your goals or develop your potential.


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Back to Flow:
making life flow again.

Back to Flow is a unique therapeutic technique composed of elements from art therapy, Nonviolent Communication, perception and concentration exercises, among other methods. 
Back to Flow allows us to discover, observe, and solve problems autonomously.

This technique consists of three steps:​

1. Learn to express the present moment in a visual and graphic way. Thus it is possible to see more clearly the current context in which the problem occurs.​

2. Highlighting from this scenario what needs to be deepened and working on this issue from different perspectives to reorganize the experience.​

3. Re-signifying and integrating the experience. In this phase the unconscious is brought to the surface with the use of colors and free and spontaneous movements, revealing what needs to become conscious. The invisible and the unspeakable are revealed, the puzzle is put together, and the issue is resolved naturally.


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